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Our Story


Hi Beautiful- My name is Bronwyn (Owner, Operater, Designer, Maker, Packer- you get the idea)

My passion for this business started in 2020, with the birth of my daughter Mali. As like any girl Mama I completely fell in love with dressing her up in all of the pretty things. 

I come from a background in fashion, with 12 years of experience in various fashion manufacturing roles here in Australia and in New Zealand where I was born, so it was only natural for me to take the leap and start my own label- Little Lovies as you know it today.

I knew I wanted to create something magical, something that would last from that exciting birth announcement (that we all love) right up until toddlerhood (because we all know how important hair accessories are to our little girls at this age, duh). 

Our products are designed to last and to grow with your babe, getting the most from your investment. All our products are made using the softest and most unique fabrics sourced from all over the world.

My promise to you is that we are not “just another baby brand” pumping out products for the sake of it. These items have been tried and tested by my own daughter, loved by us and we are excited to continue evolving and listening to our customers- YOU our “Little Lovies family” and expanding our brand further with more products that you want and need.

Thank you for allowing me to follow my passion. Being able to stay home with my baby and create these beautiful pieces for you, is truly a dream.


Have the best day. Bron xx

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